Holland Sadcc Trading Company (HSTC) BV

Boonsweg 109
3274 LH Heinenoord
(Region: Zuid-Holland)
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Serviceleistungen von Holland Sadcc Trading Company (HSTC) BV

  • Gebrauchte Maschinen und Nutzfahrzeuge
  • Vermietung
  • Reparatur-Service
  • Ersatzteile
  • Zubehör & Zusatzgeräte
  • Transport Service

Vertretene Marken

  • J. Hvidtved Larsen


SADCC is a reliable supplier (since 1990) of environmental equipment such as sweeping machines, garbage collectors, vacuum/combination trucks and transport trucks as well as winter service equipment like ploughs, spreaders and brooms. In fact all equipment that is necessary to keep your environment clean can be delivered by SADCC, new or used.

The major part of our stock comes from Dutch municipalities and is very well maintained. SADCC equipment is known in the market due to the optimal price/quality ratio. Throughout the years our customers appreciate the transparency of our communication style and our after sales.

We supply directly and via our dealers to most countries in the world. When you are looking for environmental equipment please use the navigator in this web site to find what you are looking for.

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    • Kolkenzuigers
    • Veegmachines
    • Wintermaterieel
    • Vuilniswagens
    • Vacuum Trucks
    • Garbage Trucks
    • Road Sweeping Machines

    Dies ist die Unternehmensseite der Firma Holland Sadcc Trading Company (HSTC) BV mit Sitz in Niederlande, Zuid-Holland, Heinenoord.

    Das Unternehmen bietet Dienstleistungen wie: Gebrauchte Maschinen und Nutzfahrzeuge, Vermietung, Reparatur-Service, Ersatzteile, Zubehör & Zusatzgeräte und Transport Service.

    Holland Sadcc Trading Company (HSTC) BV vertritt folgende Marke(n): J. Hvidtved Larsen.

    Das Unternehmen ist spezialisiert auf Kolkenzuigers, Veegmachines, Wintermaterieel, Vuilniswagens, Vacuum Trucks, Garbage Trucks, Road Sweeping Machines.